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    • Natural History on Display: Victorian Insect Art Suzanne Moase
    • Collecting Treen John Adams
    • Arcs of Colour: A stained glass windowby Quebec artist Marcelle Ferron Rosalind Pepall
    • The Tale of the Three-Bladed Propeller Paul Balcaen
    • Documentary Calligraphy at Kings Landing, New Brunswick Darrell Butler
    • Symbol of the Realm Michael Prokopow 
    • Craving the City Wayne Reeves 
    • Georgia Baths: A Steamy History David R. Johnston
    • Crushing Beauty Elizabeth Semmelhack
    • Holding Meaning Michael Prokopow
    • The Spirit of the Drum Paula Laing and Fred Roland (Hwiemtun)
    • An Illuminating Art Mark Raynes Roberts
    • The No-Face Cornhusk Doll Elizabeth Doxtater
    • Maritimes Weaving Guild Jane Tisdale
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