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  • Food and Drink

    • Meet the Maker: The Wit and Whimsical Art of Robert Chaplin Joanne Will
    • Norman Rockwell’s ‘Cana-tea-an’ Campaign Tanya Duffy and John Leroux
    • E. and W. Walley’s Manifestly Canadian Dinnerware Pattern Ross Fox
    • W. J. Hughes Corn Flower Glass: A Canadian Design Story Sarah Robinson
    • Changing Tastes: Entertaining Then and Now Meaghan Whitehead Winston and Genevieve Hendry
    • Objets témoins. Une histoire des métiers d’art du Québec au MUMAQ Isolda Gavidia
    • Book Review: Talking to a Portrait: Tales of an Art Curator Rachel Gotlieb
    • Book Review: Nourrir la machine humaine: Nutrition et alimentation au Québec, 1860-1945 Guislaine Lemay
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